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Music & Sound Effects

Música: Reproducir pista

Plays a music file. If you play a new song while another song is playing, the old song will stop automatically.

Música: Reproducir pista
My Track 1
  • Song: The song to play.

Play Sound Effect

Play a sound effect, choose from playing a .WAV, .VGM, or .SAV (fxhammer) file from /assets/sounds or a preset sound effect.

Play Sound Effect
Sound Effect
Wait until finished
Effect Index
  • Sound Effect: The sound effect to play. Can choose from files within /assets/sounds or from preset sounds like Beep, Pitch and Tone.
  • Priority: The priority of the effect, high, medium or low. If two sound effects are playing at the same time then higher priority sound effects will take precedence.
  • Pitch: The pitch of the sound effect (Beep effect only).
  • Frequency in hz: The frequency of the sound effect in hz (Tone effect only).
  • Duration: The length of time to play the sound effect.
  • Wait until finished: Set if script should pause until sound effect has finished playing.
  • Effect Index: The effect number to play (for fxhammer only).

Música: Detener

Stops any currently playing music.

Música: Detener
Detener cualquier musica que estaba tocando previamente.


Set Music Routine

Attach a script to one of the four music routines that can be triggered from a .uge file. In the music editor you are able to use the call routine effect in your songs to trigger these scripts in time to music.


Set Music Routine
On Call
On Call
Add Event
  • Routine: The music routine, either 0, 1, 2 or 3.
  • On Call: The script to run when the routine is called.