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When your project was created an assets folder was also made within the project containing a number of subfolders for each asset type in your game.

GBStudio doesn't currently contain any ability to edit the graphics in your game directly, you instead can use your favourite existing applications and save files into these folders where they will instantly appear ready to use in your project. If you edit a sprite or background PNG file and save using an external image editor the change will be seen in your Project Window as soon as you switch back to it.

While you can create graphics in any application that can output PNG files it is recommended to use Aseprite or Photoshop to create your sprites and UI elements then to use Tiled Map Editor to create your backgrounds. Each image asset type has a different set of requirements detailed over the new few sections of this documentation. You can select the default application to open when clicking asset edit buttons in the GB Studio Preferences window.

For music you can either create UGE files or MOD files depending on the Music Driver you choose in the Settings View (hUGEDriver is recommended).

Community Assets

If you're looking for a collection of free assets, ready to be used in GB Studio there is a community run repository on Github available at GB Studio Community Assets.