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Project Editor

The default view for the Project Editor as shown below is the Game World. This is where you can create your game by combining scenes, adding actors and triggers then building scripting events to add interactions.

Use the Editor Tools to switch between Select, Add, Erase, Collision, and Color Drawing modes.

By default, your project's properties are shown in the Editor Sidebar on the right. Here you can set the project name and choose the starting scene. This project view is also where initial values for the Player actor are set. See the page on The Player for more information on the Player.

To look at project properties again from the Editor Sidebar, click on any empty space between scenes.

Editor Tools

Select tool: Clicking any scenes, actors, or triggers will update the Editor Sidebar to show the properties and scripts for the item you selected. You can switch back to the Project's properties by clicking outside of a scene.

Add tool: You are given the choice of adding a new Actor, Trigger or Scene. After clicking any of the 3 options, your mouse cursor will be loaded with a new item. You can place the new item by clicking inside the Project Editor, and cancel the action by pressing Escape or selecting another tool from Editor Tools.

Erase tool: All collisions, actors, and triggers will be removed when clicked. Scenes are not affected by Erase mode. To delete a scene, use Select mode and click the scene's background. In the Editor Sidebar click the down arrow at the top to reveal the "Delete Scene" button. All erase actions can be undone by pressing Control Z.

Collision tool: Allows you to add collisions to any type of scene using GB Studio's Drawing mode.

Colorize tool: Allows each tile to be given a different palette to use in place of GB Studio's default palette. The Colorize tool also uses GB Studio's Drawing mode. The palettes used here are determined in the Palette tab in the Project Editor.

See the documentation on Keyboard Shortcuts for editor tool shortcuts.

Project Views

Using the Project View Button you can switch between different views of your project and its assets.

Game World: Create your game by combining scenes, actors and triggers.

Sprites: Edit your sprites and create animations.

Backgrounds: Preview your background assets.

Music: Preview and edit (hUGEDriver only) your music files.

Palettes: Edit your palettes for GBC games.

Dialogue Review: Preview and edit all the text in your game.

Build and Run: View logs of progress while building your game.

Settings: Change your project's settings such as default sprites, color palettes and keyboard controls.

See the documentation on Assets for more information on how to add new assets.