Docs / The Project Editor

The default view for the Project Editor, as shown below, is the Game World. This is where you can create your game by combining scenes, adding actors and triggers then building scripting events to add interactions.

Use the Editor Tools to switch between Select, Add, Erase and Collision Drawing modes.

In the Select mode clicking scenes, actors or triggers causes the Editor Sidebar to show editable fields specific to whatever was selected. Clicking in the background between scenes switches the sidebar back to the Project Editor where you can set the project name and choose the starting scene and position.

The Asset Viewer

Using the Project Navigator you can switch between the available views for your project. If you select Sprites, Backgrounds, UI Elements or Music you will be taken to the asset viewer where you can search and preview the assets available in your game.

See the documentation on Assets for more information on how to add new assets and the different requirements needed.

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