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Saving and Loading


To save your project select File > Save from the menu or press Ctrl/Cmd + S. If you try to close a project with unsaved changes GB Studio will warn you giving you a chance to save your project first. On macOS any unsaved changes in your project will be represented by a dot in the window close button.


To load your project again, either use the Open button on the New Project window or select File > Open from the menu and navigate to your project's folder then select the .gbsproj file.

You can also return to the Recent Projects window by selecting File > Switch Project from the menu.

Version Control

The project folder layout and .gbsproj file is designed to work well with version control systems such as Git with each change by the application taking place on a new line in the data file allowing history to be tracked easily. If you want to use version control on your project you can just create the repository at the project root folder.

It's recommended to ignore the build folder from your repository using a .gitignore file or similar.


Each time you save your project the previous version is saved to your project folder with the extension .gbsproj.bak. If you ever wish to roll back to the previous version in your project you can rename this file to have the extension .gbsproj and open this file instead.